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American Forest Management Services:
Harvest Scheduling

AFM utilizes Remsoft Spatial Planning System (RSPS) which includes Spatial Woodstock, Stanley and Tactical Planner for its harvest scheduling. RSPS is forest modeling software that handles the complexity of management planning with ease and allows for direct input from field personnel during the process. The core of the Remsoft Spatial Planning System, Woodstock, can be applied to any forest planning situation - inventory projections, long-term harvest schedules, land or silviculture investment queries, biodiversity and wildlife habitat evaluations, compliance certification standards and much more.

Woodstock can be used to:

  • Build long-term models for sustainable management of wood supply, habitat, biodiversity, watershed management and other forest values
  • Determine sustainable wood supply levels
  • Show compliance with certification criteria
  • View, edit and query shapefiles and other large database files
  • Create and evaluate harvest schedules and treatment regimes
  • Detailed financial modeling
  • Map treatment plans
  • Analyze, query and fine tune models to see the impact on the forest landscape
  • Report, visualize and evaluate Stanley spatial harvest layouts Output Reporting:
  • Summary level
  • Stand level
  • Graphics
  • Maps


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