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American Forest Management Services:
Wildlife Management Continued

Habitat Enhancement

AFM staff can assist you with the on-the-ground implementation of the management plan, which may include habitat enhancement practices such as:

  • Understory Vegetation Management
  • Fertilization
  • Herbicide Prescriptions and Applications
  • Timber Management
  • Protection, Creation and/or Enhancement of Key Habitat Elements
  • Tree and/or Shrub Planting Forage Enhancement
  • Recommendations to enhance native plants that are beneficial to wildlife to increase the quantity and quality of browse, mast and seed producing plants
  • A complete food plot program for your property to include the number and size of food plots needed, crop selection tailored to your land and instructions concerning establishment and annual maintenance Deer Herd Management
  • Population census (estimate)
  • Harvest recommendations
  • Harvest data management (records and analysis)
  • Deer management program implementation
  • Observation data collection system
  • Camera census
  • Spotlight counts Threatened and Endangered Species
  • Surveys
  • Habitat Management
  • Habitat Conservation Plans/Safe Harbor Agreements
  • Coordination with state and/or federal agencies Recreational Land
  • Working with the AFM Land Sales, we help you locate properties that are well suited for recreational or wildlife management purposes
  • Assistance leasing your property for hunting and management of all aspects of the hunting lease program, including lease documents and liability insurance
  • Assistance in the location of a suitable recreational lease.
  • Pond Management
  • Pond development
  • Fisheries management
  • Waterfowl management - Wildlife habitat is not a "fix it and forget it" proposition. To maintain quality wildlife habitat, active management is essential. AFM has the professional, trained staff with years of land management experience to assist with the creation, enhancement and maintenance of wildlife habitat on your property.


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