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Molpus Timberlands

24 Tracts

The Molpus Timberlands have a history of quality timberland management centered on providing sustainable, near-term, annual operating cash flows while enhancing long term capital appreciation. These properties range in size and are a mixture of timberland, recreation, conservation, with some having potential homesites. The tracts are being offered on an individual tract basis.  Potential buyers may submit offers on individual tracts or on a combination of tracts. 

Please contact the listing agent for further information.

Under Contract

All information is assumed to be accurate and substantially correct but no assumptions of liability are intended. Neither the seller nor the agent or representatives warrant the completeness or accuracy of the information. Seller does not guarantee timber volumes, values, acreages (total, woodland/cropland, stand or otherwise), tree ages or the condition and/or function of any improvements, including but not limited to all buildings, machinery, appliances, wells, equipment, livestock and ponds. No representations or warranties are expressed or implied as to the property, its condition, boundaries or logging feasibility. Prospective buyers should satisfy themselves as to the accuracy of this information.


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