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Land. It is the thing from which we come, the place upon which we live our lives and in the end, the spot to which we return. Our relationships with land range from personal to professional, but no matter how we are bound to the land, it is likely the most valuable asset we hold; if not financially, then emotionally.

Much like the care and attention we impart to our loved ones, proper management of land is critical if long-term health and prosperity are to flourish from the acres we call our own.

At American Forest Management, we bring more experience, resources, and trust to land management and related services than any other company in the country. When someone you love needs a caretaker, you thoughtfully seek out the very best. Your land is no different, so when the time comes to seek land management resources, our team of experts is ready to partner with you.




Our team of experts are ready to help you.

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AFM News

O Christmas tree!

December 8, 2017 - At American Forest Management, we love trees and welcome the opportunity to discuss Christmas trees!  At this time each year, many families select the perfect tree to center their holiday celebrations around.  Christmas trees are source of income for landowners in many areas of the United...

AFM News

American Forest Management Honored Soldiers from Wounded Warrior Project

December 6, 2017 - American Forest Management, along with the National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF), hosted a two-day event in Edgefield, South Carolina, for veterans and service members that are part of the Wounded Warrior Project.  The event consisted of a full day shooting sporti...

AFM News

Site Index – A Measurement for Timberland Quality and Potential

December 1, 2017 - Not all land is created equal, some soils and sites are more productive than others.  Foresters use a metric called site index as a quick determinate of a property’s tree growth potential.  This can be very valuable in helping owners understand the growth potential of different forest stan...
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